5 Of The Best Apps To Train Your Brain

5 Of The Best Apps To Train Your Brain


We all know the fact that as we age all the bodily functions undergo certain changes. A few changes wouldn’t affect our life greatly but a few will definitely have a negative impact on our life!! Age related changes in the brain is the best example for negative impact on lives!!!

Cognitive functioning of the brain will decline as we age!! Ageing is a natural process that cannot be stopped but can we do something to stop the negative impact on lives?? Yes, there is a solution. There are certain apps which acts as a mental stimulator and helps in better brain functioning!!

Here are the top 5 such apps which helps your brain –


  1. Lumosity – One of the highly recommended app. It assess your mental status and gives you everyday tests based on your abilities. It do reminds you on timely mental workouts


 2. Elevate – This is the top rated app in apple store as well. This app improves your cognitive skills which in turn helps to increase your productivity, earning power and self confidence


3. Peak – The app is similar to Lumosity and is ideal for users of all age groups. You can set your goals and finish it on the time intervals decided by you. It enhances overall brain function


4. Fit Brains – The app concentrates on social skills, social awareness, self-control and self-awareness


Cognifit – app is good balance of fun and mental stimulation










Various studies and researches have proved the use of above said apps in training your brain and enhancing your brain skills!!

Try the app today and get the best of it!!!

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