5 Surprising health benefits of Sex


Sex and sexuality are an indispensable part of our life. But do you know that apart from pleasure, Sex can be beneficial for us in many ways?

Let’s take a look on 5 Surprising health benefits of Sex & Why Sex is important to stay healthy?

Burn calories– A session of sex can actually burn even 100 calories. Thus Sex aids weight loss.
Stronger immunity– Studies suggests that people involved in a frequent Sex have stronger immunity and fewer chances to fall sick with viral infections.
Sleep Better– During an orgasm, endorphins (the happy hormones) & oxytocin are released which acts as a sedative in combination and helps in a restful sleep.
Good for mental health– just like exercise, Sexual activity helps reducing anxiety & stress and increase overall happiness.
 Beneficial for each gender-

 Sexually active males are less likely to suffer from prostate cancers because of regular ejaculations & orgasm.
 Helps in boosting Fertility- Frequent sex helps in maintaining the quality of sperms.
 Lowering blood pressure- Studies suggests that sexual intercourse helps to lower the systolic blood pressure.
 Sexual Activity in females helps in better bladder control
 Helps in relieving menstrual and premenstrual cramps
 protect against endometriosis
 helps strengthen the pelvic floor

Now, it’s clear that Sex is not just meant for pleasure, thus break the taboo and stay sexually active for a happier life.

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