Baby care in winter

Baby care ADO

Skin Care- Use age-appropriate and chemical free baby products. Apply ample baby lotion or oil to keep their skin moist. Massage regularly and expose them to sunlight if possible. Bathing may be skipped for a day or two in case of severe cold.

Protect from cold- Do not expose them to cold breeze. Cover them properly in a blanket. Keep them indoors especially at night time

For outdoors- It is better to avoid outdoor activities, still if necessary, just make sure that they are wearing proper warm clothes. Use mufflers, caps, sweaters, gloves, and socks. The clothing should be comfortable and not too heavy for them. Cloth them in layers. The innermost layer should be extra soft and skin friendly.

Food- Continue breastfeeding your baby. If she is already weaned, then offer various warm soups. Baby food should be digestion-friendly and light to eat. Offer semisolids or liquid foods.

Bedtime care- Avoid heavy blankets, it is better to make them wear layers of warm clothes and cover with a light blanket. Use humidifiers in their room avoiding heaters.


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