Baldness – How Close Are We To Cure ? ?

Baldness – How Close Are We To Cure


Hair loss as a part of ageing process is accepted with heavy heart!! Hair loss at young age is not accepted and is even a matter of distress or disappointment and even depression!! Hair loss in women is always a percent than the hair loss in men, we all know the reason behind yet a small note here –

Women don’t lose the hair completely and the hair just thins out and loses its volume, whereas in men the hair loss starts from the forehead region which progresses in ‘M’ shaped pattern and loses hair completely, which is known as Male Pattern Baldness!!

Hair loss in women has a different mode of approach and treatment in men with baldness is different. Baldness in earlier days had no cure or little cure options but now there are different options available and here is the gist of the same –

Most of the treatment options are just to halt the process of balding or to reverse the process. Treatment options for baldness are –

  • Drugs – Minoxidil and Finasteride
  • Hair Transplantation – It is the procedure which involves harvesting hair follicles to the bald areas. The process results in an equal distribution of hair
  • Low-Level Laser Therapy – The procedure involves stimulation of stem cells in the follicle and shifting the stem cells to the growth phase

Newer treatment options –

  • KROX20 protein, SCF Gene – The protein switches on the cells in the skin to become hair and the  gene provides the necessary pigmentation
  • JAK Inhibitors application
  • Stem cell therapy

The recent approaches and various treatment options have emphasized that we are close to curing but not sure to comment how close are we!! Results after treatment show that we are much closer to cure!!

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