Bipolar Breakthrough – New Study Reveals Disease Causing Mechanism

Bipolar Breakthrough – New Study Reveals Disease Causing Mechanism


Bipolar disorder also known as Manic Depressive disorder is one of the most common mental illnesses that affects about 60 million people over the globe. The other important feature of this disease is that it usually appears in the severe form!

People with the Bipolar disorder are known to have drastic changes in mood and energy levels, thus making the daily routine of the individuals tough! The treatment of this illness is also difficult because it is only supportive, as the cause of the disease is unknown!!

A new study was conducted and this study identified a molecule which is known to be associated with the causation of Bipolar disorder. The gene that encodes the cellular protein Phospholipase CY1 has found to be associated with a Bipolar disorder. Brain-Derived Neurotropic Factor (BDNF) regulates several synaptic functions leading to PLCY1. Individuals deprived of PLCY1 are to know to suffer from Bipolar!

To sum up there appears to be a neurochemical chain reaction which leads to disease. The synapses that have less PLCY1 will not be able to fulfil inhibitory function properly in excitatory neurons because BDNF is not working properly either. This causes disproportion between excitatory synapses and inhibitory ones, eventually leading to bipolar symptoms!!

Studies are still in process to establish the cause!!


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