Breakfast Options for Preschoolers

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Start the first day of their week with a twist of Dosa- Give them a dosa filled with potato, onion, tomatoes, finely chopped beans, carrots etc. It will not only give them ample calories but the required nutrition as well.


Poha- Poha is rich in iron and calories. Use onion, potatoes, peas, groundnut, lemon juice and, coriander leaves.


Paratha is a much-liked breakfast, especially for kids. Use nachani, jowar etc floors in your regular wheat flour. It may be stuffed with beetroot, methi leaves, spinach, peas, carrots, onion, potatoes and options of your choice. It will fill their tiny stomach for a longer period of time.


A Sandwich is a healthy option. Choose whole wheat bread. Make it even tastier with coriander, tomato, coconut chutney etc. Opt for a vegetable sandwich or stuffed sandwich.


Porridge with milk (sweet) or porridge with dal (salty) is also a healthy breakfast option. You can add dry-fruits to make it more nutritious.


Vegetable cutlets are a good option to let our kids enjoy their Saturday at home. They are dense calorie food with a yummy taste.


On Sunday, you can opt for their favorite breakfast along with a fruits Smoothie. Add dry-fruits to it.

A few more energy-rich breakfast options are idly, vada, sabudana khichdi, pancakes, oats upa etc.


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