Coping with Exam Stress in Kids and Teenagers


Coping with Exam Stress in Kids and Teenagers


Coping with Exam Stress in Kids and Teenagers


Keep an eye on Exam Stress – Children and teens with exam stress may be irritable, lose proper sleep, and lose interest in food.
Kids and teenagers tend to worry a lot during exams thereby making them sad and depressed.


1. Ensure that your child eats well and gets enough sleep – 8 to 10 hours’ sleep is required
2. Talk to your child about exam nervousness and feeling anxious being normal
3. Being active and exercising during exams helps boost energy levels and relieve mental stress and tension
4. Take time to help your child to schedule revisions and allow them to have comfortable space to study


1. Avoid food with high content of caffeine, fat and sugar which makes children hyperactive, irritable and moody
2. Cramming all night before exams is NOT recommended
3. Don’t add to the pressure – Parents need to be a bit flexible about the regular household chores during exams (untidy bedroom, clothes)
4. Don’t use rewards as bribes – instead, let the children perform/work to their own satisfaction
5. Avoid criticism and comparison

Remember to keep things in perspective and exams do NOT last forever!

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