Dengue Fever – Preventive Tips

Dengue Fever - Preventive Tips



We’ve all heard about Dengue and are fairly familiar with what causes Dengue and what steps we can take to prevent Dengue and the spread of mosquitoes.

Dengue Fever – What you need to know!


Dengue is characterized by a drastic fall in blood platelet count. Symptoms mimic any other viral fever, but extra care is needed in case of Dengue as neglecting the fever can prove fatal.



Symptoms of Dengue – Although most symptoms mimic regular viral fever, certain characteristics are specific to Dengue:


  • High grade fever – Temperature more than 100 deg F, not reducing with regular Paracetamol medications
  • Severe headache
  • Pain behind the eyes
  • Joint pain
  • Feeling sick and tired
  • Loss of appetite
  • Generalized red rashes all over the body


Treatment of Dengue is symptomatic and aims at reducing the complications of the fever.

Prevention of the disease should be given a higher priority when compared to treating the disease.



Here are the preventive measures that help protect and keep mosquitoes at bay:


  • Remember to not leave the windows and doors opened if not meshed or screened
  • Wear protective clothing – clothes that cover your entire body like full sleeved tops, long pants, socks, gloves
  • When wearing protective clothing is not feasible; apply mosquito repellant all over the body
  • Use mosquito repellants like liquids, coils when at home or outdoors
  • Prevent water accumulation in pots, shells, tyres, etc – to avoid mosquito breeding.
  • Avoid outdoor activities at dawn and dusk.


Even with utmost precautions, sometimes it is possible to get affected by dengue. Consult your doctor immediately when you notice the symptoms of Dengue.



A few other home remedies that help with Dengue include:



  • Papaya leaves – Improves the platelet count and reduces the severity of the symptoms. Crush the leaves and consume or make a juice out of the leaves and drink, do not force if one cannot tolerate
  • Fenugreek – Known to reduce the symptoms and ease the pain, mix fenugreek powder in water and consume
  • Tulsi leaves and black pepper as a juice helps in building the immunity and lowering the severity
  • Barley grass – Juice made of barley grass or barley tea when consumed helps in improving the platelet count and also reduces the uneasiness
  • Neem leaves – Crush the leaves and consume or make a juice out of the leaves and drink, it increases platelet count significantly
  • Chew basil leaves to improve counts and immunity as well


Dengue fever is a simple viral fever but our ignorance and negligence makes it a fatal and life threatening disease. It is therefore important to be well prepared.



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