Digital Health Platform

Digital Health Platform

Access doctors and your medical files anytime, anyplace.

Our digital health platform brings you access to global experts and your health records at the click of a button, 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world. Our platform enables you to make more informed medical decisions – share your information securely with any of our experts.

With Advanced Encryption Standards (AES) and availability in six different languages, security and accessibility will never be a concern.

Why should you use a Digital Health Platform ?

  • Save money by avoiding unnecessary duplication of tests by having a complete summary of all your medical history, i.e. your blood type, previous and existing conditions, allergies, tests, surgeries, immunisations etc., ready and at hand whenever you need them
  • Track your progress and monitor your health using the ‘health tracker’ to keep an eye on your vital parameters
  • Reminders to keep track of upcoming doctor visits, prescriptions and medications, treatment scheduling and more
  • Portable, private and secure
  • See who has access, who has entered or uploaded files, transferred and who has viewed it
  • All your information is always secure and can be accessed on any internet-enabled device like your smartphone or tablet. All our Digital Health Records are HIPAA- compliant and compatible with any existing Electronic Medical Records, any patient may have