Do Fitness Trackers really work?

Do Fitness Trackers really work?


Digitization is the new way of the world. Digitization today has helped people in several ways, for example, one need not travel or spend long hours waiting to consult a Doctor, he can log on to

With app and web based services on a rise, Fitness Trackers are gaining immense importance.
Fitness Trackers or Wearables are devices worn on an individual’s body which help the individual track his/her physical activities, and provide information about heart rate, number of steps, calories burnt, etc.


People today depend on these trackers because of their feasibility, portability and of course the proclaimed accuracy, but once often wonders – Do they really work?


The question may sound quite vague; however, various studies have been conducted to answer this exact question.

Research suggests:


  • Fitness trackers track the sleep pattern, but according to researchers’ brain waves indicate sleep pattern and not wrist movements. Thus, trackers do not work with tracking your sleep
  • Fitness trackers do count each step and thus let you know the remaining minutes or KMs of walk required to meet your health needs
  • Fitness trackers keep us motivated and appreciates our efforts, in that context they really work
  • They help in reducing weight more efficiently when compared to those who don’t track their fitness
  • Fitness trackers have shown promising effects on calorie reduction


The bottom line is that Fitness Trackers work as excellent motivators, but their accuracy is questionable for certain parameters.


Health, Wellness and Fitness is of utmost priority and Fitness Trackers can help you stay motivated and stay on track with achieving the best results you need.



Stay healthy, stay active.




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