Do You Have a Fat Personality??

Obese man with 72 inch waist


Every individual is unique in his own way and form! Every one of us has our independent trait and personalities! Our personality determines us is something which we all are very well aware of!

Did you know that the personality determines our weight?? You heard it right!!! Being lean, fat or overweight or obese is determined by our personality! If you are fat, then read on you might be having a fat personality as well!!

Researchers have proven that the presence of one of the following four traits, is known to make a person fat and hence considered as fat personalities, which include –

  1. Low self esteem
  2. Poor self control on eating
  3. Mood swings
  4. Depression or anxiety features

It is not necessary that all fat persons around will have the above mentioned personality, but it is more likely that fat individuals will have one or all of these personalities!

One’s ability to lose weight is also determined by certain personalities! If you have any of the following personalities then you are unlikely to lose weight and thus you look fat, the list of such personalities is as follows –

  • Being impulsive – Unable to control your desire to eat
  • Not being punctual – Not following any health habits
  • Emotional eaters
  • Frequent stressful situations
  • Being awake till late night
  • Selfish nature

If your nature falls under any of the above mentioned personalities then it is more likely that you will not lose your weight and you would continue to look fat! So don’t blame your food habits or lifestyle for being fat, you are more likely to have fat personality!

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