Early Signs of Miscarriage


  • Bleeding- Vaginal bleeding is the first and most common symptoms of early Miscarriage. Most of the women come to know about the bleeding because of stained underclothes. It is more likely to be Miscarriage if the blood is bright red and associated with cramping.
  • Cramping- Frequent and strong cramping, especially in the lower abdomen, might be a sign of Miscarriage.
  • Intense & sharp pain in the abdomen-The pain might be even more intense than the period pain.
  • Fading symptoms of pregnancy- The symptoms of pregnancy starts to vanish if there is Miscarriage. It may include nausea, vomiting, exhaustion etc.
  • Urine pregnancy testing strips not showing darker lines- It is possible especially in a chemical pregnancy where no Fetus actually develops. The test is never showing a dark line or not getting darker.

These Miscarriage symptoms are just indicative. So, if you are in the early phase of pregnancy and feeling these symptoms, you must check with your Gynecologist.


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