Exercise has an overall good impact on our health; it makes a person fit physically and helps to keep the important enemies like cholesterol and heart ailments away.


But what not many people know about exercise is that, it works wonders on our mental health.


A few ways in which exercise helps with mental health include:


  • Exercise has found to reduce the symptoms of depression and even prevent relapses
  • Exercise relieves symptoms of stress and anxiety.
  • Boosts mental energy and enhances mental well being
  • Exercise reduces the symptoms of ADHD, thus improving concentration, memory and mood
  • Reduces the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Exercise increases your self-esteem and changes the mode of accepting and facing life
  • Controls addiction behavior
  • Improves mental relaxation
  • Exercise is a very good distraction that keeps your mind off worries
  • Exercise increases social interaction and thus making a person more social and less of worries
  • Exercise helps to cope with mental illness in a healthy way


How does Exercise help?


  • Releases feel good chemicals from the brain that eases symptoms of depression and makes one feel good
  • Reduces release of immune system chemicals that usually worsens symptoms of depression
  • Increases body temperature thus having calming effect on brain


Stay healthy, stay active!



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