Fireworks Myths Debunked By Eye Doctors!!!




Little girl looking at fireworks.


Year end is the time very well known for festivals! The month of October marks the beginning of festivals by the onset of Dusshera and the celebrations continues along to Diwali followed by Christmas!

These are the festivals children will be looking forward to due to various reasons! The innumerous gifts, sweets, crackers, cakes and decorations all adds to the beauty of the festive season! For kids the things that make them wait for these months is crackers and need not to say – sweets!

Crackers attract children of all age groups and adults as well. Though there are certain limitations for the crackers used by specific age group or the limits is created by kids themselves as they would be scared to light the crackers!

The fear for crackers is individual dependent. The fear might be related with the sound, fire, smoke, sparkles and wound or injury! Though there are a group of kids who aren’t scared for any of these things and thus burn crackers of all variety!

In certain circumstances, kids would be fully scared to burn the crackers but the parents prompt them to burn it by giving false hopes! It is just not the false hopes; it is the myths believed by people all over!

Myths related to fireworks are infinite and here is the list of 5 fireworks myths which is debunked by the Ophthalmologists or the Eye doctors –

  • Sparklers are safe for young children – It is absolutely false! Sparklers burn at a very high degree which is sufficient enough to melt some metals. Most of the firework related injuries in young children are related to sparklers
  • It is safe to watch fireworks! It is yet another myth! Bystanders are equally injured as those who burn the crackers
  • Consumer fireworks are safe! There is no firework which is completely safe, so it is a myth which is widely believed to be true
  • It is safe to pick up a cracker if it doesn’t go off after being lit! This is a very common myth! Though the cracker looks like dead, it may still exploded, so stay away!
  • It just not completes the day without fireworks! It is definitely not true! You don’t have to lit fireworks to complete the day. The other celebrations also marks the festive time

These are the most common myths debunked by the doctors! This festive season; keep this debunked myths in mind and proceed with your celebrations.  Keep yourself and your near and dear ones safe!

Firework doesn’t mark the beginning or ending of any celebrations! It is just a part of the celebrations, you can continue your enjoyment even without that!

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