How to Cut Calories When Eating in a Restaurant

How to Cut Calories When Eating in a Restaurant

Do you want to keep your weight under check?

Do you feel all your week’s hard work of following strict diet goes in vain when you eat outside on weekends?

Well, you are not alone to feel that eating out is one of the biggest troubles in losing weight.

Does that mean you should stay away from your social life?

No, you can still manage to chill out in a restaurant and still keeping a check on your calorie intake. The following tips will help you to cut down the extra calories when you eat in a restaurant-

  • Choose the proper meal time-like to have either lunch, dinner or breakfast out.
  • Keep your target in the mind in advance
  • Eat a fruit 30 minutes before your schedule
  • Start with salad- always eat a plate full of green salad
  • Choose steamed veggies in place of deep-fried ones
  • Opt for plain bread instead of butter ones
  • When choosing the meal, always take accompaniments like curd, buttermilk, lemon water, etc
  • Avoid a desert, you can skip it easily
  • If ordering a non-vegetarian food, opt for roasted or grilled one rather than heavy gravy
  • Choose whole wheat roti, tandoori, etc rather than naan, made up of the refined floor
  • Avoid sweet drinks, especially soda based

Apart from these tips, try to follow a calorie restricted diet (Not nutrition restricted) for a few days pre and post period. Also, burn the extra calories by exercising extra on weekends.


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