How to Deal with Leg Sprain?

How to Deal with Leg Sprain

A Leg Sprain is a common condition that affects a person at least once at some point in life. Though common, it is indeed painful. Let us know a few quick facts about a sprain in the leg.

Facts about Leg Sprain:

  • Every one out of three people suffers ankle sprain at some point in life
  • A Sprain occurs when the ligaments are forced to stretch beyond their limits
  • Causes of Leg Sprains include injury, trauma, sudden twisting, sudden jerks, 
  • Recurrent sprains indicate some underlying illness
  • Muscle spasm is the first symptom indicating a sprain, others are an inability to walk, pain, etc

What to do or how to deal with a Sprain in the leg?

Though, Leg Sprain heals by itself. Still, a few tips may help you deal with it:

  • Rest – Take rest and avoid weight bearing 
  • Ice – Ice compress may help you to relieve inflammation and pain
  • Compress – You may compress the sprained leg with medical compress
  • Elevate – Elevation of the sprained leg will help to reduce swelling
  • OTC medicines – For pain, you can take over the counter medicines
  • Always follow safety guidelines before exercise to avoid any sprains
  • Go to your doctor if you feel severe pain, redness, fever or increasing swelling around the injury
  • Do support your sprained and injured ligaments with proper exercise told by the doctor

Next time you suffer a Leg Sprain, just follow this R-I-C-E principle.

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