How to Use Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor


  • Read the instruction thoroughly and follow them
  • Make sure you are relaxed and comfortable before taking the reading
  • Don’t take the readings before or after exercise, physical activity, heavy meals, or when anxious as it may alter the result
  • It is better to take two or three readings and work out the average
  • Always use the same arm for BP monitoring as reading may be different with each arm
  • Avoid caffeine at least 30 minutes before the taking the reading
  • Empty your bladder before the reading
  • Always elevate your arm up to the level of your heart and place it at a table or desk
  • Note down the readings or save it in the memory of the device

Though the use of these BP monitors is very easy still it is better to rely upon your doctor, so do consult your doctor if you see consecutive abnormal readings


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