Know Hepatitis – Act now


Know Hepatitis – Act now


  1. Affects 400 million people worldwide
  2. 1.4 million people die each year due to Hepatitis across the globe
  3. Only 5% of those with Chronic Hepatitis are aware of their infection and ONLY 1% have access to treatment!
  4. Over 90% of people suffering from Hepatitis C can be cured whereas there are effective vaccines to prevent Hepatitis B
  5. Are you at RISK? 

According to 2014 statistics, India has the 2nd highest number of Hepatitis infected cases, Hepatitis B in particular. India has over 40 million infected cases and that constitutes to around 15% of the patients load in the world. The number raises an alarm and we have to be proactive in taking appropriate measures to curtail the situation.


July 28th is observed as WORLD HEPATITIS DAY, wherein WHO observes each year dedicated for a special cause. The theme for the year 2016 is “ELIMINATION”. The goal for the year is to eliminate Hepatitis as public threat by 2030. In order to be a part of the noble cause, we have to first understand Hepatitis as a whole, and here it goes.

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