Ms Could Be Reversed With Existing Allergy Drug

Ms Could Be Reversed With Existing Allergy Drug


Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disorder in which the protective covering of the nervous system is destroyed by an autoimmune process which leads to symptoms like weakness, double vision, impaired coordination and so on. About 2.3 million population in the world is known to suffer from MS!

The current treatment strategy aims at preventing further damage to the nerves, as there are no drugs which can repair damaged nerve shields! Treating MS in the grounds of repairing damaged nerve shield is a huge breakthrough in the treatment and this is just around the corner now!!

A study conducted in 2014 showed that CLEMASTINE FUMARATE can be one such drug! Clemastine Fumarate belongs to the group of Antihistaminic used in the treatment of allergies!

A study was conducted wherein 50 individuals with longstanding MS over a period of 5 months were given Clemastine Fumarate and placebo to learn the effect of the drug. The drug increased the speed of neural signal transmission from eye to the brain. Further studies detected the drug stimulates activity in oligodendrocytes, cells that produce nerve shield!

Thus the studies are still in process and if proven then it is going to be a real boon for patients suffering from MS!



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