On this International Women’s Day, Take a Pledge to Stay Active and Healthy


They say “Women are the roots of our society” and “a nation’s health lies in the health of its women”. With this thought, May 28th is celebrated as International Day of Action for Women’s Health or International Women’s
Health Day. It is a day of celebration and reflection of the efforts & progress made to promote women’s equality & human rights.

If you are thinking of the ways to celebrate International Women’s Health Day, these ideas are perfect for you:-

  • Know about your body and the normal physiology. If you belong to the reproductive age group, you must know about your periods and its regularity. You must also be aware of the alarming symptoms like intermittent bleeding, post-coital bleeding, sudden loss or gain in weight, etc.
  • If you are of menopausal age then you must be aware of all the symptoms that indicate some disease, like post-menopausal bleeding, foul-smelling discharge from the vagina, etc.
  • Quit smoking- Smoking is one of the worst possible enemies of a person’s health, especially women’s health. Thus, for your own betterment, quit smoking completely. Do not forget that each cigarette damages your lungs permanently.
  • Irrespective of your age you must know and do the self-breast examination for the early detection of breast cancer. If you are still unaware of the self-breast exam, you can just search it across the web or else learn from your Doctor. Do it at least once a month.
  • Regular checkups- It is perfectly normal to have some health issues, it may be related to your hormones, blood pressure, glucose metabolism, joint related, etc. It is more important to undergo tests to rule out every health discrepancy at the earliest for the best possible intervention. Go for regular blood work, hormonal analysis, and bone mineral density test.
  • Calcium & iron intake- while taking care of your diet, give special attention to your calcium intake. Likewise, check your haemoglobin levels from time to time. Talk to your doctor about the same.
  • Healthy & balanced diet- Take complete charge of your health, be regular at breakfast and eat a well-balanced diet. Your diet must include lots of fresh fruits & green vegetables.
  • Limit your fast food consumption- It is acceptable to have cheat days in a month, but apart from that limit your fast food consumption for better heart health.
  • Exercise- Regular exercise in any form is extremely beneficial for your health. If you can’t do more, a brisk walk of 30 minutes per day will serve the purpose for you.
  • Be aware of menstrual hygiene- Follow safe sanitation habits and keeps the infection at bay.

And last but not the least, always stay happy as the state of happiness secretes happy hormones in our body which helps to keep the stress away.

International Women’s Health Day!

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