One Good Breakfast A Day Keeps Weight Gain Away

One Good Breakfast A Day Keeps Weight Gain Away


Every obese or overweight individual have the misconception that they gain weight by consuming the meals at regular intervals and every day. In order to avoid gaining weight, they tend to skip meals the so-called “Dieting”! The most important key factor in dieting is skipping or avoiding breakfast!

A new study has shown that eating a good breakfast and letting go off snacking habits, helps in preventing weight gain and leading a healthier life! Here is an overview of the study and its results –

The study involved a different group of peoples with different BMI, different eating habits, different medical history. At the beginning of the study, the participants were asked to fill out a questionnaire which included various parameters, including their meal frequency and time of consumption of meals

The study showed that people who ate at regular intervals had a decrease in BMI. Conversely, people who ate more than 3 meals with frequent snacking, showed increased BMI. The study also showed that people who ate breakfast on regular basis tend to lose more weight than people who skipped breakfast! The other important finding was that people who have heavier breakfast showed a larger decrease in BMI in contrast to those who had heavier lunch and dinner! The study also showed that people who skipped dinner also showed weight loss

The study also showed a correlation between age and BMI, people older than 60 years showed a higher decrease in BMI!!

Thus all the obese or overweight individuals, concentrate on your breakfast and get the benefit of weight loss!! Skipping meal will not help you but eating meal especially the breakfast will help you!!



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