Our Story

Our Story
Founded in 2008 in France by our Founder and CEO, Florent Monssoh today, more than 500,000 members worldwide use our Digital Health Platform and have access to online Second Medical Opinions in 48 hours from a global network of more than 5000 world-class physicians and medical experts. With a presence in France, U.S.A, Latin America, Spain, China and now India – Activ Doctors Online has been consistently delivering on its vision for the last 7 years now.

To ensure the utmost security of our members’ personal health records, we use Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) security protocols. All of our solutions are HIPAA-compliant and interoperable with Electronic Medical Records, which healthcare providers must implement on their medical websites by 2014.

Activ Doctors Online partners with organizations and institutions that want to offer a progressive wellness benefit to their employees or members. ACTIV members are individuals who control their own healthcare information and manage their health issues proACTIVely.

In the mid-90s, Mr. Monssoh co-founded internet service provider Sky World. In 1998, he sold the company to Cegetel, and it was acquired by AOL in 2000. He also co-founded the European Stock Exchange-quoted technology firm Aubay, making him the first French African to found a company that went public.

Also in the 90s, Mr. Monssoh founded consulting firms including MGL. The automatic scheduling software program he created there has been used by France’s Department of Revenue/Tax, Australia Telecom and in the U.S. by banking, manufacturing and government organizations– including the Pentagon.

“When I sold my company in 2000, I was still young. It gave me the experience and capital I needed to do more,” said Monssoh, who retired before he was 40. “I travelled and played golf, enjoying the time off, but I still wanted to do more.

“My early success was for myself and my family, but next, I wanted to help my people.”

After nearly five years of “retirement,” Mr. Monssoh was approached to create a solution that would help physicians and patients in France, where healthcare is run by the government. Physicians aren’t paid well, and patients don’t have many options, especially if something goes wrong. “The vision was this: build a network of world-class physicians to provide second opinions. As a private entrepreneur, I could hire physicians as contractors and they in turn could offer their services to provide advice to other doctors and patients,” said Monssoh.

In 2005, that vision came to life when Mr. Monssoh founded the first medical interim company to employ doctors in France, currently staffing over 1000 physicians. He was also able to introduce statutes that now protect hospital workers and physicians who work as independent contractors in more than 2500 hospitals and clinics throughout France.Especially in rural areas where previously doctors did not want to work, and the population was underserved.

“The vision that took root in France, I wanted to take to other parts of the world. So my vision blossomed into something more, which was this: to see a world where medical records are stored online, so they can be accessed right when you need them, no matter where you are in the world. And where anyone, anywhere can get an unbiased second medical opinion from world-class physicians in just 48 hours.

Since 2008, Mr. Monssoh has focused on combining his expertise and success in IT with this breakthrough in healthcare. After founding Activ’Santé in 2008, he brought his vision to the U.S. with Activ Doctors Online, launched in 2009. “Today, more than 500,000 members worldwide use our Personal Health Record and have access to online Second Medical Opinions in 48 hours from a global network of 5000 world-class physicians.”

In 2011, Monssoh was named one of South Florida’s ‘Most Accomplished Black Executives’ by ICABA Honors, which recognizes black professionals and entrepreneurs who make an empowering difference in the community. In 2012, he was named ‘Business Person of the Year’ by Legacy magazine. He was also honored among a prestigious class of South Florida’s ‘50 Most Powerful and Influential Black Business Leaders of 2012.’