Puberty Related Changes in Your Teenager Girl


As a parent of a teenager girl, you may feel a sudden change in the overall personality & behaviour of your girl child. It is normal to feel annoyed by their change of behaviour, but we need to understand what she is going through. The prime cause is hormonal. Change in hormones during puberty affects them a lot.

These are the changes that may happen to your teenager girl:-

  • As a girl reaches the age of 13, she may feel a slow and steady enlargement in the breasts. It may cause a little discomfort to them as their mind is yet adopting the change.
  • Pubic & armpits hair- It is also a sign of upcoming puberty in a girl. Her hair on the pubic area and in the underarms may grow and even embarrass her
  • Menarche – After the hair growth in pubic and armpit areas, she may get her first period. The first period may cause gross discomfort to your daughter. The hormonal interplay of progesterone & estrogens shakes the whole body.
  • There may be a gross change in the shape. Hips may grow wider and looks flabbier.
  • Because of hormonal interplay, your daughter may suffer from acne.
  • Apart from the physical changes, there may be a mental change as well- She may feel insecure, emotional, and alone and annoyed.
  • Adolescents may consider their friend more reliable than their parents. You may feel that she is not liking you all of sudden.
  • There may be a shift in the temperament too, she may feel angrier, grumpy and irritated most of the time.
  • She may start keeping secrets from you.

To avoid the trouble, start preparing your daughter before puberty. Be her friend and gain her confidence to make her puberty memorable and enjoyable.

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