Safety tips for elderly at home



Drug safety-

  • Make sure all the medicines are labeled clearly
  • Keep medicines in a good light area
  • Review the medicines frequently
  • Only useful medicines should be kept
  • Instantly dispose of the unused or expired medicines
  • Make use of medicines dispensers

Bathroom safety-

  • Leave ample light in the bathroom at night
  • Use skid proof tiles the bathroom floor
  • Fit only high rise toilet seat
  • Mark hot & cold faucets clearly
  • Use door locks that can be opened from both sides

General safety-

  • Keep the walker near to bed
  • Remove cords from the traffic areas
  • Use anti-slip footwear
  • Make sure your home has good lighting
  • Avoid smoking at least indoors
  • Keep all the phone numbers handy
  • Introduce an alarm for emergency

Apart from these safety measures, it’s better not to leave them alone or unattended.

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