Second Medical Opinion

Second Medical Opinion

Reassurance within 48 hours

Often when dealing with a serious illness or before undergoing any surgical procedure, a patient is left unconvinced by the diagnosis or is merely seeking reassurance of the diagnosis he has been given, considering the condition he might be dealing with. Our second opinion service looks to plug precisely this gap, by giving you access to over 5000 professionals across the globe –ultimately delivering an unbiased opinion with your best diagnosis in mind, within 48 hours from raising the request.

Depending on several factors, doctors might not have the same opinion on diagnosis and treatment options, and it always pays to have access to an affordable and unbiased second opinion. It is also a private and inexpensive way to improve health and treatment outcomes. Enquiries are dealt with through audio/video/email/chat/sms query.

How Does Second Medical Opinion Work ?

  • Simply submit a virtual consultation request on the Activ Doctors Online platform, stating the original diagnosis, upload your medical history, investigation reports, files and list of medical questions you may have
  • Once your case is reviewed by our Medical Director, it is passed on to a panel of specialists that can best serve your case
  • Within 48 hours an online second medical opinion report is sent out to you or your doctor depending on the request
  • The second opinion is delivered as an easy-to-understand report, either directly to you (via Activ Doctors Online Platform) or, upon request to your doctor. In some cases, the second opinion arrived at by our medical specialists are the same as those initially provided by the member’s physician. However, they may also provide contrasting opinions, suggest further testing, or recommend visiting a different specialist