Six Reasons Why Sweating is Good for Health and Why You Need to Sweat More?

Six Reasons Why Sweating is Good for Health and Why You Need to Sweat More

Do you feel embarrassed to sweat?

Did you ever notice that health & skin experts always discourage to use antiperspirants (Products that prevents Sweating)?

Do you know the reason?

Let us first know what does our Sweat contains. Although the exact contents of sweat are different for each individual based upon many factors, our sweat commonly contains a mixture of water, proteins, salts, amino acids, and other substances.

Here are the six amazing health benefits of Sweating which will convince you to feel good for your Sweating:-

  1. Detoxification – By means of sweating our body tends to get rid of the toxins that are produced during various chemical pathways in our body. Sweating flushes out a wide range of pollutants from our body especially heavy metals, certain salts, cholesterol, alcohol, etc.
  2. Lowers the risk of kidney stones – By eliminating the salts out of our body, sweating helps to minimize the salt load to our kidneys and prevents the formation of renal stones. It is advised to drink more water to those who sweat a lot.
  3. Temperature regulation – You read it right, Sweating is a way with which our body can regulate the temperature. You must have observed that whenever the climactic temperature rises or when you enter a hot room, instantly your body start to sweat. Within a few minutes, your body temperature comes down to normal. It helps to prevent overheating. It is also interesting to know that dogs and many animals cannot sweat and thus are not able to regulate their body temperature. Thus they keep their tongue out all the time.  
  4. Feel-good hormones – Sweating is linked with the secretion of Endorphins, the happy hormones. These hormones are also called as anti-stress hormones or natural stress busters as they lower the stress level and make us feel happy. You must have noticed a sudden light and happy feeling after workouts; it is because of sweating during exercise.
  5. Healthy skin – It is rare to have acne or similar troubles to people who sweat a lot. Your pores open when you sweat and clean out the toxins. But it is also important to know that if not cleaned properly, the pores may be clogged by the contents of sweat causing bacterial infections. Sweating & cleaning is considered complete skin care.
  6. Keeps many harmful microbes at bay – Sweating can cut the chance of having a cold and flu by one third. As our sweat contains some antimicrobial proteins that can bind with some harmful microbes and thus preventing flu.

Thus, stop feeling negative about Sweating and grab your running shoes to sweat more.

Happy Sweating!

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