Statins – How safe are they ?

Statins - How  safe are they ?



A lot of controversies are still on verge despite numerous evidence! Controversies are about the safety and side effects of Statins usage! A question always arises is the drug really unsafe or is the controversy harming people than the drug itself! Here is the result of a study conducted –

Cholesterol is one of the essential factors that help in a body being in the normal state. However, all cholesterol is not good! Increased levels of bad cholesterol results in piling up it in the blood vessels resulting in various heart-related disorders, stroke and eventually death!

The common medication prescribed and used worldwide for regulating the blood cholesterol levels are Statins. The commonly used Statins are ROSUVASTATIN, ATORVASTATIN, SIMVASTATIN, and FLUVASTATIN.  These drugs work by limiting the production of cholesterol in the liver!

A study was conducted to understand the effect of statins on cholesterol and its complications. The study revealed that individual statin drug lowered the levels of bad cholesterol and even reduced the risk of heart disease in varying percentage from 14 to 28. The group were in the drug was not used, reported a few deaths due to an adverse effect of cholesterol!

Statins are just not started as an over the counter drug, the AHA as put forward the following checkpoints, which when present necessitates starting of medicine. The checkpoints are –

  • History of heart diseases
  • People with LDL values more than 190 mg per dl
  • People aged 40 to 75 years, with LDL values between 70 to 189 mg per dl
  • People aged 40 to 75 years, with LDL values between 70 to 189 mg per dl with the 10-year cardiovascular risk greater than 7.5

With the studies and researches, the use of statins increased potentially thus lowering the levels of LDL cholesterol considerably and increasing good health!

Just like any other drug, statins do have side effects. The common side effects reported are –

  • Muscle aches and cramps
  • Increases the risk of type 2 diabetes

It was also found that side effects increased and existed only if the people knew they were on statins otherwise never existed or was least!

The number of deaths due to cholesterol was seen when people were not taking Statins and the life years increased on regular statin usage!!

Thus it was concluded that benefits always outrages the side effects of Statins! Studies are still going on to establish and stress on the result!!



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