Stop Pneumonia Now – Prevent the spread of Pneumonia

Stop Pneumonia Now Prevent the spread of Pneumonia


Stop Pneumonia Now
Prevent the spread of Pneumonia

Pneumonia is the infection of the lungs causing inflammation of both the lungs or a single lung. Pneumonia is caused by variety of organisms varying from bacterias, viruses, fungi or parasites. As the cause of infection is different, the treatment, prevention and steps to curtail the spread of disease also vary.
Steps to prevent the transmission of infection include:


  • Wash your hand with soap and water before consuming food
  • Clean yourself thoroughly if you doubt that you are mingling with someone who is affected with pneumonia
  • Stop smoking
  • Avoid sharing and using the personal items like handkerchiefs, water bottles, etc.
  • Cover your Sneeze – Make a habit to cover  your mouth and nose while sneezing either in a crowd or when you are at home, to avoid the spread of infection
  • Avoid close contact with people affected with cold, flu and other respiratory tract infections
  • Don’t throw used tissues or towels carelessly; instead dispose it by wrapping it in a piece of paper and throwing it into dustbin.
  • Avoid the consumption of alcohol
  • Consuming warm liquids like hot soup and tea will help in reducing your mucus or phlegm

Kids and elderly individuals should take extra care as they are easily prone to infections.


3 simple steps when followed in right way, offer you complete protection :

1) Wash your before and after you sneeze
2) Wash your hands every time before you eat
3) Cover your sneeze
Pneumonia can be no longer a health threat. Act today instead of getting treated tomorrow!



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