Stress and Digestion

Stress and Digestion


Our digestive system is complex! Sometimes it gets disturbed for all minor changes and at times even major changes leave it comfortable! But there are certain factors no matter what the intensities are it always leave the gut disturbed and one such factor is STRESS!



Stress is a common causative agent for numerous ailments ranging from anxiety, depression, blood pressure variations, and heart problems and so on. Studies have shown that stress affects digestion too!



  • Stress affects gut peristalsis – The food we eat need to travel for certain length to get absorbed in the body and to get rid of unabsorbed substances. When under stress the peristalsis is affected this in turn interferes with absorption as well as removal of waste from the body. Thus, leading to constipation, which also results in other problems like bloated abdomen, stomach pain and gas
  • Stress causes heart burn – Heart burn is one of the common problems encountered and it is related to stress! Stress causes the valve between food pipe and stomach to shrink. This leads to acid from stomach to find its way to food pipe and burns the lining of the same resulting in heart burn
  • Stress affects gut immunity – Gut is the house for loads of good bacteria. Stress causes alteration in the chemical reaction of the gut which washes the good bacteria away. Absence of good bacteria invites numerous gut related disorders
  • Stress weakens gut metabolism – Stress results in overall decrease in the blood flow to the body. Blood flow is directed to limbs and brain in stressful conditions, thus eating under stress reduces the body metabolism
  • Stress is also known to cause diarrhea


Digestive system maintains our energy and health. Don’t let stress to take a toll on your health be physical or mental or digestive.



Stay healthy, stay active.



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