Sugar Should We Eliminate It From Our Diet

Sugar Should We Eliminate It From Your Diet


Sugars are the sweetest food commodity widely loved by people all over the world and of all age groups! Sugars though sweet are considered to be the bad wolf by medical professionals! Sugars are considered to harm our body and lead to various disorders such as heart-related problems, obesity and even cancer. These led to the advice by all to reduce sugars intake or even cut it down completely. Is it really so bad, here is the report of investigation –

Addiction to sugar! Regular and increased intake of sugar leads to addiction. Sugar is considered as the legally acceptable recreational drug!

Should we completely cut down on sugars? Practically not possible!! Because most of the foods we eat contain sugars in lesser or higher amounts!! Sugars are to be consumed in a healthier way by adding the minimal and acceptable amount in our daily foods! Thus complete elimination is not the goal but acceptable amount of consumption is the goal!!

How to reduce sugar intake? Here are simple tips –

  • Reduce sugar added to your regular drinks like tea, coffee
  • Replace sugar-rich drinks with  less sugar and low-calorie drinks
  • Check for the food label before you buy any product
  • Add spices  when sugar addition is inevitable
  • Replace sugar in oatmeal with fruits

Thus the conclusion is that sugars need not be eliminated but has to be taken in limited quantity!!!


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