Tips to prevent motion sickness




Here are few effective tips to prevent and deal with your motion sickness-

  • Try sitting in the front seat, not at the back seat. Similarly, choose the middle seat during the air travel as it is the calmest one.
  • Try not to read a book during car travel.
  • Do not face backward and face always in the direction of motion.
  • Open the vent or source of fresh air otherwise; the low oxygen levels will cause you feeling queasier.
  • Chew something in order to avoid occupy your system, it helps to prevent nausea & vomiting.
  • You must know about the food items that don’t go with your stomach especially during a trip. So plan accordingly and eat only a little quantity of the food that suits you.
  • Go easy on liquids and do not stuff your stomach with too much liquid, the motion will make you feel more queasy.
  • When nothing is working, you can consider the final option and take the over the counter medicines or simply consult your doctor.

You can surely avoid your motion sickness with these traveling tips and ease your travel.


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