What is The Best Time to Consume Fruits to maximize their Health Benefits?

What is The Best Time to Consume Fruits to maximize their Health Benefits

We all know and agree that fruits are healthy for us and consuming fruits regularly is beneficial for our overall health. A Doctor always recommends consuming fruits liberally, especially seasonal fruits. Even if someone is suffering from disease, it is advised to eat Fruits. 

Do you think that Fruits can be consumed at any time of the day? If yes, you need to know that you can maximize the health benefits of fruits if you consume them at a particular time.

Let us first know the health benefits of fruits:

  • A Major source of vitamins that are vital for health
  • Contains healthy fibers that aids to keep out digestion process healthy
  • Helps in losing weight
  • Provide instant energy
  • Controls and maintain blood sugar level
  • Maintains blood pressure
  • Promotes bone health
  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Prevents many diseases
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Necessary for overall health

Now that we know how important Fruits are for us, let us know the best time to consume Fruits to maximize their health benefits

Consuming Fruits in the morning – Morning is considered to be the best time to eat fruits as after an overnight fast our digestive system functions rapidly. Our body processes the fruits faster, breaking down the sugar in fruits quickly and provide our body with all the nutrients. Thus if you want to avail the nutrients in Fruits, consume them in the morning with your breakfast

As a Snack – Fruits are good choices to manage your hunger pangs. Not only they will keep up the energy and fill your tummy but also they will add to your nutritional status. Thus when you are hungry, consider consuming an apple or a kiwi rather than munching on some fast food.

Pre & Post workout snack – Fruits can give you instant energy, it makes them suitable for a pre-workout snacking. Apart from the energy, it will keep a check on your weight. Similarly, after a workout session, your body is exhausted & in need of energy. Fruits can fulfill this energy need quickly in a healthy manner. 

The worst time to eat Fruits

Before bedtime – Fruits increase your blood sugar levels instantly, keeping your blood sugar up may stay you awake. It is also not the right time to eat fruits from the digestion point of view. Your digestion slows down before sleep, thus you will not be getting the ample benefit of the nutrients in Fruits.

Before & Right after meals

Consuming fruits with other meals may slow down its digestion, making it difficult for our body to absorb the nutrients of fruits. Because of their slower digestion, fruits will sit more in our stomach causing more fermentation and causing issues like acidity. Thus it is better to avoid fruits just before and after your regular meals as it may cause indigestion.

Now that you know the correct time to eat fruits, just make a habit to consume fruits regularly but at the right time.

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