What to expect when your child turns one?


Here are the developmental milestones & other things that you can expect from a one-year-old baby-

  • The weight- You baby is likely to triple her birth weight by the end of the first year
  • Slow growth- After the first year’s growth spurt, growth slows down now
  • Motor skills- Her grip must be improved and she must be able to hold the things properly using fingers and palm. She may also start standing from the sitting position
  • The gait- You baby must have already taken her first steps. It might be unsteady.
  • Sleep- One-year-old baby starts to sleep more and undisturbed in the night and the day time nap becomes less
  • Eating- Now your baby can enjoy the weaning foods and not dependent upon the milk so start to focus on weaning foods
  • Vocabulary- Now is time to introduce new words to your baby. She must have already started babbling simple words like Dada, Mama etc. She can observe and learn fast. She may even understand simple instructions like Bye-Bye, clap etc.

Do not forget that every kid has a different growth pattern. So never compare your child & enjoy this precious phase of their childhood.


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