What you need to know before Using Copper utensils?

copper-vessel-1699780_1920As a responsible homemaker, you always plan to serve the best to your family.  If you are also planning to start using copper utensils in your home, you must know enough about it.

Cooking in Copper utensils good or not?

Being a good conductor of health, copper layered utensils are favored by many families for cooking. On account of the toxicity, copper utensils are reserved for use on the outer layer of a cooking. It is claimed that the metal is dissolved by some foods especially acidic foods; it can even cause stomach upset. Thus the direct use of copper is indeed harmful.


Copper utensils for drinking water

Copper vessels are used frequently for drinking water; it is because of the following benefits-

  • Destroy germs and prevent microbes thus aiding in the prevention of food-borne infections.
  • Acts as copper supplementation which is necessary for our body
  • Fights anemia as copper plays an important role in iron absorption.
  • Boost digestion

It is recommended to store water for 6-8 hrs to avail these benefits.


Cleaning of copper utensils

No abrasive cleaners should be used to clean copper utensils. After every use, the vessels should be cleaned with a liquid soap and a sponge.


Quick facts about copper utensils

  • Good for drinking water
  • Not good for direct cooking
  • Proper cleaning is necessary regularly
  • Copper is required in traces to exhibit normal functions of our body
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