Why you should sleep more?


  • Sharper Brain-Our brain needs proper rest to work more efficiently. Sleep allows our brain to utilize energy in a better way. In kids, the growth hormone is considered to get secreted during deep sleep only.
  • Healthy heart-When we sleep, our blood pressure goes down allowing our heart and arteries taking rest. It ultimately improves the health of our heart.
  • Better performance-Studies suggest that a sound sleep ensures a better physical & mental performance especially athletics.
  • Improved concentration- A sound sleep makes you more energetic & alert with improved focus next day.
  • Lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes- Studies suggest that a regular sound sleep helps to prevent type II diabetes as it decreases the level of stress.
  • Poor sleep is linked to depression- It is a proven fact that a long time poor sleep is linked to depression.
  • Better sleep means better immunity- Sleep allows our body systems to perform more and it has a positive effect on immunity too.
  • Emotional balance- People who tend to sleep properly are known to have more balance emotionally than those who sleep less.


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