World Asthma Day

World Asthma Day


World Asthma Day is celebrated every year on First Tuesday of May month, this year the celebrations will be happening on 2nd of May 2017. An annual celebration of World Asthma Day is to increase awareness among the general population regarding the precautions and prevention of Asthma.

History of World Asthma Day – The first celebrations of World Asthma Day started in 1998 by GINA (Global Initiative for Asthma). The first celebration started following the World Asthma meeting held in Barcelona, Spain

What happens on World Asthma Day? GINA with the aid of organizers and healthcare group educates people about Asthma using various activities. Every year GINA decides a theme with an underlying sub-theme – “It is time to control Asthma”. Activities on World Asthma Day – Various activities will be organized to educate people about Asthma, here is a list of few such activities –

  • Free Asthma clinics
  • Media advertisements on free clinics and preventive measures
  • Debate on local factors that makes asthma people suffer
  • Teleconsultation to answer their queries on Asthma
  • Games for kids to help them learn about Asthma

Universal steps initiated by World Asthma Day to cope up with Asthma – Certain measures when employed effectively and efficiently reduce the episodes of Asthma. Here are the steps needs to be followed –

  • Prepare a personal asthma management plan with the help of your doctor
  • Take relevant medications prescribed by your doctor
  • Educate yourself about the risk factors and agents that trigger an episode
  • Be prepared for an asthma attack
  • Educate your dearest one about how to handle when you are sick

Objectives of World Asthma Day – The core objectives of World Asthma Day are –

  • Improve asthma care
  • Risk stratify the patient
  • Maximize the normal individual
  • Minimize the asthma patient
  • Reduce death rate of asthma patient
  • Reduce the frequency of hospital visit due to Asthma

Having understood the importance and aim of World Asthma Day let us also join our hands in making lives of people with Asthma frequent attacks free.

“Breathe pure to be Asthma free”

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