World No Tobacco Day – “Say Yes to Life, No to Tobacco”

World No Tobacco Day


Ten reasons why you should quit smoking today



  1. Use of Tobacco kills approx. 6 million people every
  2. About 5 million of those deaths are due to direct use of Tobacco products whereas about 600,000 are due to non-smokers getting exposed to second-hand smoking
  3. Nearly 1 million of people die every year in India because of the use of tobacco and tobacco products
  4. 50% of current Tobacco users will DIE due to Tobacco-related diseases
  5. Cigarette and cigarette smoke contain 4000 chemicals and 70 carcinogenic substances
  6. Chewing tobacco and tobacco products may cause cancers affecting the lungs, pharynx ,urinary bladder, mouth, kidneys, pancreas, stomach, larynx and esophagus
  7. Infertility rate in active smokers is two times higher than that of non-smoker couples
  8. One drop of pure nicotine is enough to kill a person
  9. While smoking, a by-product of cigarette, tar –  an oily substance gets accumulated  in the  lungs causing blackening of the lungs which in turn reduces the ability of the lungs to absorb oxygen
  10. The chance of type 2 diabetes  is higher in active smokers  than in non-smoking individuals


Here are a few testimonials from Activ Doctors Online Members who successfully won the battle against Tobacco and Smoking! Activ Doctors Online  in partnership with Arogya World conducts workshops to help people Quit Smoking and create awareness about NCD through On-Site clinics, Health and Wellness Initiatives, m-Health programs and “Healthy Workplaces Awards” – to know more about the workshop and awareness programs contact us – 


‘I had been a chain smoker from past 10 years. I started smoking just to experiment and then I used to take it occasionally, when my brother’s small child refused to come near to me after I smoke I realized how far it has gone. Now after quitting smoking I feel the difference in my life.”


“I quit smoking because of my family. I got newly married, and my wife initially didn’t say anything about my smoking habit. But later on, she given me the hint of her dislike towards this habit.  My smoking habit made me socially isolated. It is really awkward”


Names have been changed to maintain confidentiality.


“Say Yes to Life, Say No to Tobacco”

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