10 Minutes To Better Health



The constant nagging from most of the people around is “we don’t find time”!! Everyone’s life is so packed that finding about a few minutes to take care of their health is turning out to be a dream or a mission impossible!!

To help such busy buddies to have good health or better health here is a rule of 10!! Sounds new!! Yes, recent studies have suggested that spending 10 minutes of your time everyday will add surprising benefits to your health! What can be done in hardly few minutes could be the next question popping up in your mind? A lot can happen in these 10 minutes!

Here is the list of to do things in 10 minutes every day –

  • Walk to the shops – Let your vehicle rest in your parking area! Reach out to the shop by walk to get your daily needs
  • Eat breakfast – Research has suggested that people who have their breakfast will have decreased risk to develop heart ailments as breakfast has the ability to burn bad cholesterol
  • Munch on fibers – Fiber rich foods help to aid digestion, prevents certain types of cancer
  • Stand out to sun – Get exposed to early morning sunlight for 10 minutes to get your dose of vitamin D, the must vitamin for healthy bones
  • Laugh out loud for 10 minutes – Reduces your worries, stress and anxiety. Boosts good mental health
  • Sip a cup of tea – Acts as a mood enhancer as well as heart protector
  • Gulp on water – Being well hydrated helps you to fight against numerous organisms and thus prevents various diseases
  • Wash your hands – Maintain a good hygiene
  • Use the stairs at least for 10 minutes
  • Take deep breaths
  • Stretch out while you wait for your turn on call or meeting
  • Dance or listen to music whichever is feasible
  • Massage your feet – Kick off your shoes when in office and place a tennis ball beneath your feet and roll over that relaxes you
  • Take a nap

These things add better health to your life. Spending 10 minutes is an easy task! Spend 10 minutes today to avoid spending hours in hospital tomorrow!

“You will always find time to do the things which you really want to do” so set your mind; set your time; start it now and enjoy the health!

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