Know about Self administration of Insulin

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More than 50 million people are suffering from Diabetes in our country and most of them have to take Insulin for the blood sugar management.

How does Insulin shot works?

In Diabetics, the pancreas does not produce enough Insulin to manage the blood sugar. They need Insulin from an external source, thus before each meal (or as prescribed by a Doctor) they have to inject Insulin. The method of administration along with the dietary and lifestyle changes is considered to be the key to health in Diabetes.

How to give yourself Insulin?

Before Insulin administration, gain a fair knowledge of Diabetes & its treatment including the proper technique. Follow these guidelines-

  • Always check the type & expiry date of the Insulin. Store the Insulin in a refrigerator or as per the indications


  • Regulate your routine and try to take the shot at the same time of the day


  • Wash hands and clean the site of injection. Avoid scars, moles, and bruises


  • Be sure that the vial is not damaged or broken


  • Load your injection with proper dose as advised by your doctor


  • Rotate and tap the syringe to expel the air bubbles


  • Insert the needle  at a 45 or 90-degree angle into your skin


  • Count till 5 to ensure Zero Insulin leakage


  • After use,  pull out and dispose the needle properly into a Sharps container


These days, Insulin pen devices are available to ease the administration. Ask your doctor and Diabetes educator about it.



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