Acupressure for stress & anxiety



Acupressure points to relieve stress & anxiety-

  • The Third Eye point- This Acupressure point is located right in between your eyebrows. Press this point with your thumb; apply gentle pressure in a circular motion.
  • Chest center-Under the fourth rib just between your breastbones is the chest center point. Use three fingers to apply gentle pressure on this point. Take deep breaths; try to concentrate on your breath.
  • Shoulder well point- Just pinch your shoulder muscle with your middle finger and thumb. Apply gentle but firm pressure. It helps to relieve muscle tension & headaches.
  • Union valley point- This point lies in the webbing between your thumb & index finger. Press this point and massage for four to five seconds, taking slow, deep breaths.
  • The point at feet- It is called as the great surge point. This point lies just where the intersection of the big toe and second toe starts. It helps to relieve insomnia & menstrual cramps.
  • Heavenly gate point- It lies in the upper shell of the ear. Pressing and massaging this point may help to relieve stress, anxiety & insomnia.


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