Are you Internet Addicted?

 Are you Internet Addicted?


Are you Internet Addicted?


The Internet has certainly made life a lot easier. There were so many aspects which needed a person to move about and get things done like shopping, banking, applying for jobs and so on, but now internet has made life simple, with providing access to just about everything with a click of your fingers and a tap of a few buttons.


Everything good must be used in moderation but ‘Internet Addiction’ is a rising concern amongst people. Being addicted to the internet and social media, unfortunately has more disadvantages than advantages.


Some of the major concerns surrounding Internet Addiction include:


  • Less or no communication – Excess surfing apparently leaves no time to interact with people, thus reduces communication among family members, friends
  • Information overload – Too much surfing on all the subjects, loads your brain with more information than needed and thus makes you less productive at workplace and less receptive to the actual facts
  • Sleep deprivation – Internet and Smartphone Addiction is one of the major causes of sleep deprivation.
  • Decreased time management skills – Once you start browsing for whatsoever reason it may be, one finds it difficult to stop.
  • Social Isolation – More onto online friends, relations leaves you with less time for real relationships and makes you socially isolated
  • Increased risk of mental disorders – People who spend more time on internet are found to have increased risk of mental disorders like anxiety, depression, irritability, etc.
  • Increased risk of instant gratification – Getting instant replies makes people less sensitive and give rise to increased expectations.
  • Inability to enjoy the present – People are keener on posting updates on social media and forget to enjoy the present. Updates leaves with more of jealousy, judgement and neglect


Anything invented or created by mankind has equal number of good and bad effects. It is up to us, to take the good and leave the bad behind.


Internet Addiction is real – evaluate your habits, be more than well.



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