Artery – Clogging Saturated Fat Myth Debunked

Artery – Clogging Saturated Fat Myth Debunked


The theory that explains heart disease is that fat molecules get deposited in the blood vessels, arteries in particular and results in decreased blood flow to the heart and thus giving rise to Coronary Heart Disease!

There was no studies or research conducted or studied to prove the same!! Scientists or researchers wanted to establish the relationship between both and hence study was conducted!!

Though the study did not prove the relation between saturated fat and artery clogging, a proof was found that shows the risk factors for heart disease and how it can be managed!

Heart disease risk is directly proportional to the Total Cholesterol and HDL ratio. Dietary changes have a direct impact on this ratio and reduce the ratio thus protecting the heart from ailments. Exercise also plays a very important role and is found to increase the life expectancy by 3.5 to 4.5 years. Regular brisk walking, in fact, helps the most!!

A combined approach to a healthy lifestyle, regular physical activities and diet help in good arteries and better heart health!!

Thus artery-clogging saturated fat is a myth was proven!!!

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