Benefits of Regular Exercises

Benifits of Regular Exercise


Benefits of Regular Exercise


Recommended Guidelines

• 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise or 30 minutes physical activity every day to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, lower blood pressure, improve cholesterol and optimize weight
• There is 40% lower risk of dying with people who are physically active for about 7 hours per week compared to those who are active for less than 30 min per week
• Physical Inactivity could lead to increased risk of musculoskeletal injuries, arthritis, heart disease, etc.
• Exercise boosts your energy, immune system, improves mood, sleep and controls diabetes, arthritis, etc.
• Being physically active lowers the risk of developing colon and breast cancer, slows down the loss of bone density and lowers the risk of Hip fractures


Regular exercise and its benefits are hard to ignore. The benefits of regular exercise vary from health benefits, psychological benefit and physical benefits. Along with the maintenance of normal body weight, exercise also helps you to boost your brain functioning.


___So, what are the benefits of regular exercise?___


• Exercise controls weight – Exercise is a great way to maintain a healthy weight. As you will indulge yourself in physical activity, it helps you burn calories. It is important to maintain a healthy weight as overweight can lead to obesity and other health problems
• Exercise combats health conditions and diseases – Exercise ensures proper blood flow in the body, which helps to manage or prevent a wide range of health problems such as cardiovascular diseases, stroke, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, certain types of cancer and arthritis
• Exercise improves mood – Exercise helps to reduce stress and improve mood. Studies have shown that exercise releases endorphin, which creates a sensation of happiness. It also helps to alleviate symptoms and anxiety of clinically depressed people
• Exercise boosts energy – Regular exercise improves muscle strength and boosts the energy of the body. It tones your body muscles and makes you active, which will make your lungs and heart to work efficiently
• Exercise promotes better sleep – In case you are struggling with insomnia every night, regular exercise can help you. Regular physical activities help you promote better – faster and deepen your sleep. However, do not exercise before bedtime as you may be too high on energy to fall asleep
• Prevents cognitive decline – Integration approach of healthy diet and regular exercise can help prevent cognitive decline like Alzheimer’s. Studies have shown that as you age, exercise may be able to keep your brain healthy and prevent cognitive decline
• Better skin health – Exercise helps clean skin from the inside by regularizing the blood flow in a better way (carrying oxygen and nutrients throughout the body cells)


As risks of physical activity are very low compared to the health benefits of exercise, most adults therefore do not need medical consultations or pre-testing prior to a moderate-intensity exercise program. However, people over the age of 40, those at the risk of cardiovascular diseases and obese individuals are advised to undergo a medical consultation prior to starting an exercise program.

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