Cancer Cell Growth Halted With Cold And Flu Drug

Cancer Cell Growth Halted With Cold And Flu Drug


Treating cold is just not benefiting you from cold and fever but also benefits you from cancer. Wondering it’s a myth? Definitely not! A study was conducted and the results were surprising, as it proved the ability of the cold drug to halt the growth of the cancer cells!

The most common drug used in the treatment of the common cold is the drug with the composition of N ACETYLCYSTEINE (NAC). Researchers have found that this drug has the ability to halt or stop the growth of cancer cells. The drug is known to act by depriving the cells of proteins which are very much essential for their survival!

NAC has antioxidant properties, which means the drug has the ability to reduce cell damage caused by oxidative stress. The level of oxidative stress is found to be very high in the stromal cells of cancer. These are the cells which form the connective tissue. When the stromal cells are exposed to oxidative stress, they release certain nutrients which are essential for the growth of cancer. With this background, researchers hypothesized that NAC can be used to starve cancer cells!

A study was also conducted and the results were supportive of the hypothesis explained above. FDA approved drug targeting the feeding behaviour of cancer cells is a huge step forward in cancer treatment!!

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