Caring for the Elderly

Caring for the Elderly


Individuals who cross 60 years of age are termed as Elderly Individuals. This group of people are usually retired from their work and would start staying at home and spending time with their grandchildren. Elderly individuals require special care as they are more prone for medical health conditions and psychological conditions too!



However, it is not easy to provide care to the elderly as they are resistant to care! Resistance to care can develop due to various reasons like physical loss, mental loss, loss of independence and anticipation to start or to get involved in a new routine.



A few tips to keep in mind when caring for the elderly include:



  • Determine the help they needs – All elders don’t require the same care, so it is important to assess and derive the care that they need!
  • Make time during which the elderly person can discuss anything with an open heart, you need to be open minded to listen
  • Talk about their preferences – Preferences need to be valued
  • Enlist the help of family members
  • Never give up – Try infinite times till they open up and talk to you
  • Suggest a trial instead of offering complete care on the go
  • Explain the positive effects of care in detail
  • Offer privacy and confidentiality
  • Communicate as much as possible
  • Explain the need of the presence of the elderly in your family and life
  • Never fight with your elders, keep your battles for yourself
  • Let the elderly maintain dignity


Elderly care is crucial, it needs your full time and effort. It is important that they enjoy life and are equally well taken care of to maintain a healthy, happy life.



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