Coffee Consumption Linked With Reduced Melanoma Risk

Coffee Consumption Linked With Reduced Melanoma Risk


One of the hot favourite beverages of all in all the times irrespective of age and gender is Coffee! There would be no person existent in the world who dislikes coffee or who would not love to sip another cup when offered!! Coffee is so much addictive to people!!

In fact, we just need a reason to pick a cup of coffee over and over again! For all those coffee lovers, here is yet another reason to sip your delicious beverage. A new study was conducted by a group of researchers from National Cancer Institute! The study results are briefed hereunder –

Higher the rate of coffee consumption, lower the risk of melanoma!! Caffeinated coffee had the ability to reduce the risk of melanoma and not decaffeinated coffee nor melanoma in situ!! The exact mechanism behind in not clearly understood but it is believed to be the ability of the compound in coffee to suppress the UVB radiation! Studies are still in progress to understand the more specific relation between coffee and lower melanoma risk!!

For all coffee lovers, add an extra cup for this special benefit!!!

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