Daily Cola ‘Raises Cancer Risk’ Due To Caramel Coloring

Daily Cola 'Raises Cancer Risk' Due To Caramel Coloring


Who aren’t aware of colas or cool drinks? Colas is one of the drinks which is loved by people of all age groups. A few consume it on an occasional basis like party time or get together; whereas a few consume it on regular basis as part of their meals at times before or even both, before and after meals!!

For all those cola lovers out there, here is a note which you all must read to be aware of what the cola has in store for you!!

Cola has an appealing caramel colour, the compound that gives cola this attractive colour is 4 – methylimidazole. Researchers conducted various studies to know if this compound has any effect on human. The study report is as follows –

110 samples of cola brands were chosen and were tested for the amount of 4 – methylimidazole in it. On an average, the compound concentration was found to be between 9.5 mcg/ltr to 963 mcg/ltr. When cola is consumed on regular basis, the exposure to the compound exceeds 29 mcg/day which is considered to be harmful! Later the researchers found the effect of the compound on health and derived a shocking effect of cancer risk!!

Regular consumption results in increased risk of cancer!!!

FDA and other food authorities should rethink as is the compound just added for aesthetic purposes is really needed as it harms health!!

Think the next time you pick up a cold drink!! It might result in cancer!!

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