Dementia Breakthrough? Brain-Training Game ‘Significantly Reduces Risk’

Dementia Breakthrough? Brain-Training Game 'Significantly Reduces Risk'


Studies and researches are common and most important in the medical field. A few studies help in understanding what best can be done in better management if certain diseases and a few help in establishing a new approach to the disease!

One such medical studies have turned out to be a breakthrough in Dementia prevention. The study has shown that brain training exercise reduces the risk of dementia by more than 25%!

Dementia is a collective term for a group of symptoms such as learning, memory and reasoning, thus impairing a person’s ability to perform his routine. A human brain has the ability to adapt to changes and this is known as “Neuroplasticity”. Brian training aims to strengthen the neural connection in the brain and thus maintaining its functioning

The study involved 3 group of people, wherein one group was given brain training games and the other 2 did not receive any such games. At the end of the study period, 3 groups were studied and noted that the group who were given brain training games were at about 29% reduced risk of developing dementia when compared to the other groups!

This was one of the studies which helped in establishing a connection between dementia and a possible factor that reduces the risk!!

Further studies are in a process, to understand the relation between the reduced risks!!



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