Depression – Helping someone with Depression

Depression - Helping someone with Depression


Depression – Helping someone with Depression


There is no gender bar for depression. At some point in our lives, we have all come across people suffering from depression – probably a family member or a friend.

It is however important to deal with depression the right way to prevent further exacerbations.


Here are a list of Do’s and Don’ts when dealing with depressed individuals.



 Stay with him/her as a silent partner. Build trust.

 When they are talking give your full attention. Your body language plays a very important role.

 Remind them that you are there with them at all times needed.

 Encourage them to take part in depression discussion groups and to read motivational books.



 Never accuse a depressive person on their fall.

 Don’t remind them of the negative event happened.

 Try not to give advice to the person. Right now he/she may be seeking for peace or closure.

 Don’t neglect or avoid him/her purposefully, if you see her/him out of your group.

 Don’t force them to talk or discuss their feelings, if they are not ready to.

 Don’t tell them that you know what they are feeling – in such situations empathy works better than sympathy.

 Never compare their feelings or situation with others.



Do remember, your help and support can go a long way in helping others deal with depression. Always seek help and consult a mental health professional when necessary.



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