Five Common Causes of under Eyes Dark Circles


Dark Circles under the eyes may cause embarrassment to you. Do you know the reasons for Dark Circles?

Here are the five most common causes of Dark Circles:

  1. Lack of sleep – Lack of sleep is the first and most common cause of under-eye circles. A sleep of at least 7 hrs is necessary for us
  2. Stress – Stress hormones are overall not good for us. Along with other factors, they may cause Dark Circles
  3. Genetics – Dark Circles run in families, if your parents suffered from Dark Circles, you have a strong risk to develop them too
  4. Too much Caffeine, smoking & drinking – These habits may cause dehydration which leads to Dark Circles
  5. Itching & rubbing – Skin under the eyes is delicate, too much rubbing may cause pigmentation and Dark Circles. Allergies, infections and, habit might be the reason behind you rubbing your eyes. But you need to stop as it may lead to Dark Circles.

Apart from these causes lack of nutrition, heart & liver diseases are also held responsible for Dark Circles.

You can avoid a few of them like sleep, stress, and nutrition. Thus follow a healthy lifestyle and prevent your eyes from Dark circles.

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